Generations of Compassionate Care

By ALISON ROMACK, Community Liaison Director, Madison Health Care Center

The first time I met the Newman family, was about two weeks after my first day at Madison Health Care Center. Mr. Newman,a resident of ours, had recently been admitted to the hospital. I stopped by to check on him,and brought along a card that had been signed by all of our staff. I signed the card “From the entire staff at Madison Health

Care Center, including the geese.” I wanted to lift their spirits with at least a chuckle, while they were going through a difficult time. However, when Mrs. Newman opened it, tears began filling her eyes and she couldn’t finish reading the card without her voice cracking. I immediately began apologizing, she smiled and informed me they were tears of joy and appreciation.

Mrs. Newman proceeded to tell me about her history with us and how her mother, Dorothy Miller, was one of our building’s first residents in the mid 1990s.

Mrs. Newman immediately felt at home and comfortable with her decision to place her mother in our care. She became so connected with the staff and other residents she began volunteering here every Wednesday. She would do everything from hold Bible studies to arts and crafts and truly felt it was her calling.

Mrs. Newman’s mother eventually passed away, but that did not keep her from coming back every week to visit until having to “retire” to care for her ailing husband. Now after 20 odd years, Mrs. Newman’s husband, Waldo, and sister, Delores, are in our care. Although the building name and ownership has changed, the family focused care she fell in love with remains.

In her own words “I think it’s a wonderful place (Madison Health Care Center). I have never found one person to ever be rude to me. Everyone seems to be pleasant. The residents and employees are pleasant. I would never go anyplace else. This is the only place I would ever go. It’s my home away from home.”

Needless to say, my visit with the Newmans that day to lift their spirits, in turn lifted my own. What an honor it is to represent a building that, although has been through many changes throughout the years, still manages to provide the kind of care that brings families back generation after generation.

Call or stop by anytime to see me Alison Romack, community liaison director, 7465 Madison Ave., Indianapolis, cell (317) 443-8724 or office (317) 788-3000.

A PLACE LIKE HOME — For the Newman family, Madison Health Care, with its resident geese, has been like home and family. Mrs. Newman’s mother was one of the first residents and she herself was a long time volunteer until she needed to care for her husband. Now he and her sister are living at Madison Health Care.