Madison Special Veteran | Elmer Holland

Elmer Holland's journey WWII

On January 13, 1943 Elmer Holland left Ft. Thomas in Kentucky to Camp Silbert in Alabama for basic training.  He trained for 5 months in chemical warfare, then went to Camp Kilburn in New Jersey.  From there, he was sent overseas for duty in Oran, North Africa by boat.  That boat was used for transferring bananas to Cuba before the war.    He joined 83rd Chemical Warfare Battalion.  Then he was assigned to the 82nd airborne division, where he became a rocket launcher and browning automatic rifle man.  After living in boxcars for 10 days, he arrive in Tunis, Africa.  He then was apart of the invasion of Sicily.  From Sicily to the invasions Naples, Foggia, Rome and Arno, Italy.  Then from Italy to southern France landing at Marseille, France on D-day. Joined the 3rd Army with General George Patton fighting all the way through France then joining the 7th Army with General Patch through Northern France going back into the 3rd Army with General Patton.  He then crossed into Germany with General Patton all the way through Germany up to Munich. The last few months of his service was served in Germany. He was honorably discharged on February 7, 1946.  Retired from General Motors and was a preacher for over 60 years. What an amazing man! 

"To think that our grandfather /father walked through all these different countries fighting to survive, fighting for fellow soldiers, fighting for our country at just 20 years old is unimaginable but it is reality.  Then he was a preacher for over 60 years.  We as a family are very proud to say Elmer Holland is our HERO as well as our grandfather and father." - Granddaughter Brandy  

Private First Class Elmer Holland

83rd Chemical Warfare 

Rocket Launcher 

Hospital Orderly 

Jan. 13 1943-February 6, 1946

Decorations earned: 

European African Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon

Silver Campaign Star

Bronze Campaign Star

Unit Citation 

Good Conduct Medal

American Theatre Ribbon

WWII Victory Ribbon