May 2017 Superstar | Suzanne Hutchinson

Madison Health Care Center has selected Suzanne Hutchinson as our May Superstar.  Suzanne is a shining star among our CNA's. She has worked for Madison since August of 2014.  She is always helping the other CNA's and other residents. She always makes our residents look nice and she goes the extra mile to make them happy. All of our residents are happy to see her when she is working. When she comes into work she immediately checks on everyone before starting her day out. She is always willing to help out on her days off and help out others when needed. She always has a smile on her face which makes our residents smile in return. It says a ton when residents specifically ask for Suzanne.  They know that is she is working, that she will take care of them and won't have anything to worry about.  She is also a superstar at charting.  It is always completed and completed correctly.  Thank you Suzanne for all of your hard work and dedication. Your work does not go unnoticed.  We all appreciated everything that you do!!