I always want to tell the story about my Latin teacher I the ninth grade. I don't remember for sure but I assume I was young. She was the one that straightened me out. I was pretty arrogant. The boys I ganged with kidded me about being too smart and that I should be one of them instead of one of those smart boys. I said I could be dumb too. I bet them that I could get a zero on the next test that came up. They bet me that I couldn't. The next test was true/false so I got a zero. I missed everything. The teacher made an example out of me. She said "You can't get a zero on a true/false test unless you know all of the answers" so she gave me a perfect score. She then praised me in front of the class. Well that turned me around and I became the teacher's pet. There was another person in my Latin class, a tall girl named JoAnne who was the smartest one in class. She and I did a lot of work for the teacher, grading, passing out papers etc. I credit that teacher for putting me on the right track. Instead of wanting to be a bad guy I wanted to be a good guy and wanted to do the right thing. I went from wanting to be one of the boys doing things wrong and tearing things up to being a success in life. I didn't care what names those guys called me and I helped her out. A male 9th grade Algebra teacher also did me lots of favors. These two teachers really changed me. Now I think they were in Cahoots. I realized now that grades meant something in life. I wanted to be better. The old standard of strength winning was all gone.