Thank you one and all for cooking, preparing, and cleaning up after all of us! I love you all! Love always. --Carolyn Niehaus


Oh you can tell Who works here. They are the ones Whose uniforms may be plain or printed. They are however the ones that put the smile on as they Leave the house. The ones who tease ya Kindly over a boyfriend. I do not have a family so I Think the employees treat me more nicely to make up for the lack. --Patricia Light


First and foremost everyone at Madison Health Care Center is personable and very kind! The therapy is completed in a careful and cautious manner with the therapist monitoring carefully throughout the patients stay to ensure safety and success. Nursing care is very adequate they too are all very careful, friendly and timely with your medications.

Housekeeping ensures that your room is very clean and they help you clean your room the way you would want it completed. Everyone in general at Madison are here to help and empower you to better improve your mobility on your own in order to return home as soon as possible!  --  Pearl Faust, recent Short Rehab Therapy resident


Positive Outcome! It was a long hard road, but I enjoyed my stay at Madison Health Care. The nursing and therapy services were good and provided me with what I needed to return home. It was a lot of hard work, but I stuck through it and the outcome was my reward. I am now returning home to my lake front home with my wife. Thank you Madison health Care and staff for the kindness and care provided. It was just what I needed to get me where I needed to go which was "HOME" --Ronald Woodford


 It's a nice place. She (Evelyn) says she's happier than she's ever been in her life when I ask if she wants to leave. She knows everybody, and everybody lovers her. They take good care of their people. With the ones that need to be fed, they feed them. With the ones that need help, they help them get down there (to the dining room). Madison is a good place. I'd recommend it to anybody. --Charles Lynch


"Thank you all for taking care of Gladys.  Words can't express our gratitude."  --The Knight Family -David, Ann, Lindsay, and Elijah


"Kaila- Thanks for your help with questions about Madison Health Care Center. With your personality and speaking so older people can hear, you will succeed!" --Mike S.

Best Experience of my life!! That’s what I would say about Madison Health Care Center. I recently attended the Rehab to Home Program and now I am headed back home! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and engaging with every member of the staff as well as the residents at Madison. The food was wonderful and the staff across the board from housekeeping, nursing, dietary, to therapy were helpful, friendly, and loving. I felt very loved and respected at Madison Health Center. This was my third stay at Madison and I would definitely recommend and return if needed for my rehabilitation needs.  --Barbara Jackson

I wanted to thank you very much from me and my family.  Your wonderful care and compassion really helped us get through a very hard time with our mom. I will not forget you.-Cheryl Buswald


We are Carolyn Medsker’s family and wanted to pass on our thanks to you and the Madison facility.  We felt very welcomed there and Carolyn was very comfortable there.  With it being a smaller facility we got to know everyone and they in return got to know us.  They always showed concerned and compassion and were more than willing to assist us in anyway they could.  We recommend your facility to others. Thank you, Sharon Smith and Family


Thank you for all your help to get my daughter, Carolyn, admitted to Madison.  And with not knowing the area, it was difficult to know where to go.  We are so pleased we chose your facility.  We would recommend it to others.  With it being a smaller facility it was even friendlier where staff would always greet each other and stop to have a work or two.  We found everyone to be kind and compassionate.  Thank you for all you did to make her comfortable as well as us. Thank You, Carolyn’s Family 


Dear Madison Health Care Staff,

Although there are many caring and competent caregivers who I am assisted by on a daily basis, I would like to take the time to recognize one who goes above and beyond to insure that my quality of life is as comfortable as she can possibly make it.  Dee McKie, who is my night nurse, 10PM-6AM, provides great care to me and, I can only assume, to all the residents she works with here at Madison Health Care Center.

Dee always treats me with the utmost respect and dignity.  She is always prompt to tend to my needs and never makes me feel I am asking for too much of her.  Dee takes the time to do a thorough job in all tasks that I need or ask of her.  It is also very apparent that she has an excellent relationship with her fellow caregivers on the night shift.

I feel very privileged and grateful to have such a competent and compassionate caregiver and I hope you feel as privileged to have her in your employment.  If you recognize exemplary persons on your nursing staff, I hope Dee is on the top of your list.  At the very least, I hope you will take the time to let her know she makes such a positive difference in someone who calls MHC their home.

We all need more “Dees” in our lives.

A hard job, well done – Thanks.

Very Sincerely,

Ruth Wilcox

To Madison Health Care Center Staff,

Wanted to send you a “BIG THANK YOU” from the Hogan family regarding our Mother’s stay at your facility from December 31st, 2012 through January 16th, 2013.

We were impressed how you went out of your way to admit Mom on New Year’s Eve even though you had no notification she was being released and coming. IMPRESSIVE.

She really enjoyed all that was done for her during her time there.

It’s unfortunate that we had to have her transferred to a different facility because of insurance issues, but we had no choice.

I know she would have preferred finishing up her Rehab at your facility.

We will strongly recommend your facility if given the opportunity down the road and hopefully you and United Health Care Insurance can work something out to where you’re in network to them down the road.

Thank you again and we will bring Mom over to visit when she’s back on her feet.

Thank You,
The Hogan Family

Thank you to everyone at Madison Health Care!  I appreciate your compassion, care, and concern very much!  The therapy was great (Alex) and all of the others (Martha)!  The young man who does maintenance work went above and beyond to help me!  The nurses were professional yet personal!  I was encouraged to put forth effort to be at home (on my own) again!  May God bless all of you!!  Again, many thanks!!!  Your friend, Milly

To all the office staff and RN’s, CNA’s, and those who helped take care of Dad. Thank you for making him feel special and comfortable .  We will never forget your kindness.Thank You, Judy

I wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciated those that worked with me while I was a resident at your facility.


What can you say about Alex?  He is a true American.  Every time you see Alex he has a smile on his face and answers any questions you have.  Any employer should be happy to have him on their staff anytime.  On one of my last days Alex too my through the ropes.  He won’t tell you, but while we were bouncing balls to each other, Alex missed the ball twice.  I won!  “Ha, Ha!”  Alex, what a nice guy.

When Nicky put me through the ropes, I would hear, “Back Straight”, “Don’t go so fast, and heel first them the toe.”  Nicky was such a pleasure to work with.  I tried so much to please Nicky I knew she wanted me to get better.  Even on my last day there, Nicky got me out of my room and ran me through the ropes.  Nicky is such a beautiful person, inside and out.  I tried many times to get her to smile because her smile would go from ear to ear.

I also had another teacher name Bupi.  Bupi is a beautiful and caring person.

Sue Baker:

Sue had me out of my room and on that wheel thing every morning.  I always made 98%.  I suppose that was good.  Then Sue would take me over to the table where I did many hand operations.  While I was doing them, I had a chance to talk to Sue.  She told me how many years she has been doing her type of work and I would talk to her about my
41 years at Lilly’s.  Sue told me about her great crop of tomatoes even though we had little rain.  Sue is a good person who tries to get you to do your best.  I loved to work with Sue because she always wanted me to do my best.

Room #104 Mark:

Mark was the first person I saw.  He took me to room 104 and got me checked in and made me comfortable.  Mark was thorough and polite.

I want to thank all the head nurses and all the ones who were involved in making my stay great.  Toni and all the ones who served me did a great job.  There was one person who, when she came into my room, her smile was beyond anything.  It made my room light up like all the sunlight came in.  She knows who she is.  She is a lovely person.

“Much Love to All”
 Roy McClary

To All the Staff at Madison Health Care Center:

We would like to say thank you for all the love and care you gave to care.  I can’t begin to tell you how many times he told us how special all his girls was to him.  He was a very special man to his family, friends, and our church.

After 61 years of marriage I miss him and my daily trips to spend time with him each day.  He is in a better place no more pain and can walk again.  God Bless you for the job you do so well.
 Hope to see you soon.

LaDonna, Russ & Rick (sons), and family

To All The Staff At Madison Healthcare:

As most of you know I was the Charge Person for the second shift in a nursing home for several years.  I know how hard the work is both physically and mentally.  But, the work can also be very rewarding.  I always felt that I had the best of the best as far as jobs were concerned.  I loved going to work.

Most of the time when the name “nursing home” came up in conversation, everything was negative.  If the media had coverage, again always negative.  Never a good word for the caretakers, etc.  Always bad, but was there any coverage about the abuse the caretakers had to take both from the family as well as the patient?  Many times the family caused more problems than the patient.  Was there coverage regarding bruises, scratches, hitting to the staff, etc?  Was there any coverage about the good that that caregivers do? NO!
You, the staff, no matter what department, you need praise and a pat on the back especially when you go that extra mile.  You do the job that most won’t or can’t do.  Many families just don’t want to be bothered.  Who would do the care for their loved one if it were not for you?

I can’t give enough praise for everyone on the day my mom died.  There was not one person who did not offer a hug, some tears or anything we might need.  Whether it be the coffee that was brought to us or our lunch, everyone was absolutely great.  Our entire family was impressed at the care and concern during this time.
I hope you continue your care and thoughtfulness when the next family and patient come to the same fork in the road, as we all must do at some point in our lives.  It’s a very hard position to be in, but the staff at Madison Health Care made this transition easier.



Bless each and everyone of you.

Sandra Urich, Daughter of Harriet Blaine

I wanted to be sure to tell you thank you and your staff for the care you gave my Mother, Mildred Loux, for the year she was at Madison Health Care Center.  Thank you for coming to the funeral home also.

Mom was upset at having to “lose everything” as she put it, but after a while she accepted things  and began to flourish for a time.  There are certain people that she and I had a special connection with, and I wanted you to know how much both of us appreciated their service above and beyond.

Everyone in the front office was always friendly and helpful.  A special mention of Jan and her activity department.  Mom enjoyed the filed trips and Bingo and I appreciate Jan taking me into her cubby hold and comforting me at a very difficult time.  I also appreciated Miranda, she was so good to mom and I could tell that she really cared.  The aides that seemed to make a special effort were Toni, Mark and Tamiya.  (I don’t know their last names).  In the housekeeping department, of course Frances always had a hug.  Two members of the housekeeping staff stood out, Terry and April went the extra mile.  Of course, I’m sure everyone tells you how wonderful Bill is.  He was so helpful moving us in during the change of rooms.

Lastly, I must give much praise to the nurses.  They were all great but two stood out to me and my mom.  Maria is wonderful and I will never forget how much she cared.  I was so blessed to have Susan with me to help me through those last hours.  She knew just what to do.

I would recommend your facility to anyone who might be looking.

Very pleasant experience – Thank you!

I commend the therapy staff on their diligence and proficiency. They work toward a successful outcome.

Everyone was great. The nurses were great. My room was always clean. Therapy was really great in helping me get back on my feet. I tell everyone how good it was to be taken care of there. Thank you very much for a great stay.

Everything was perfect.

Thank you, thank you.! Everyone was great to our mother and our entire family. You are a very special group of health care professionals.

My rehab people were particularly caring were all exceptional. Matt also went beyond the line of duty. Mae, an aide, was super. The male nurse on nights was super exceptional. If I had to, I would return to Madison Health Care Center (but I hope I stay healthy and I never have to)

My PT was very good. He has a lot of knowledge about the body, muscles, nerves,etc.

A fine institution.

I was only there for 9 or 10 days and only a mile from home. The nursing staff and aides were very nice and helpful. I think you have a good place to go for short-term therapy.

Thank you for the good care of our mother. She grew to love you and depend on you.

I enjoyed all the people.

The therapy staff were reliable and friendly.

Thank you to all for your help and support. I know it is hard to be nice at all times due to the attitude of some of the patients, but you treated my husband with respect and kindness at all times. It was greatly appreciated.

To Whom It May Concern:

I feel compelled to write you regarding the quality of care I have received during my stay at Madison Health Care Center.

You went the extra mile to get me into a room when it was time to close the office. My room was also clean and well appointed. Dinner came to me (very good) soon after I was settled in. Every person I have come in contact with treats me as if I was the only person they had to take care of. From doctors to nurses, to aides to housekeeping, they are all committed to my care. I really miss my home, but I’d have to say staying here is the next best thing.

Thanks to everyone for your hard work and kindness.

My dad was the first resident in this beautiful new facility. When I first heard about Madison Health Care, I felt it might be the answer to my prayers. So on June 1st, the day they opened, I moved dad there.

When he got to Madison, he had been in another health care facility for only 6 weeks. During that period of time, he lost 20 lbs. from not eating due to bad food and poor-fitting dentures. His basic needs were simply not being met at the other facility. As soon as my dad arrived at Madison, he was greeted by an outgoing, caring staff of front office people, nurses, CNA’s, housekeepers, and cooks. He was welcomed into a beautiful facility with the most tasteful decorating I have ever seen in a nursing home environment. His room is equally as nice, with a terra cotta colored wall with coordinating drapes and bedspread. He has a nice flat-screen television that is so much better than the small extended arm television at his former facility.

His first night at Madison, he was watched the entire night to see why he kept falling out of his bed at the other facility. By the next morning, after the CNA noticed he tried to get out of his bed every 15 minutes, the nursing staff discovered he had an untreated urinary tract infection. I was called that day by a nurse who filled me in on dad’s condition and how they planned to treat it. Every day since that day, someone from Madison has called me to update me on how my dad is doing, and I must say nearly everything has been good news. Dad likes the food and has already gained 6 lbs. in only 1 ½ weeks! I can only imagine he will continue to improve with the outstanding care he has received so far.

My sister and two brothers have noticed when they call that dad is talking more than he has in over a year, that he sounds very happy, and that he says he’s feeling much better than he has in a long time. I can’t wait until Fathers’ Day weekend when they all come to visit and can see how much dad has improved and also so they can see this beautiful facility where he now resides.